Saturday, February 26, 2011

MRI Adventure

So this past week I had the opportunity, more like extreme pleasure, to have an MRI done on my brain. If you can't get the sarcasm from that then maybe you should talk to Sheldon Cooper. Marian drove Mark and I to the hospital to get it done on Wednesday. After checking in and filling out several papers a nice lab tech lady came out. She called my name and told Mark that he would have to wait out in the waiting room. He played games on my phone while I was in the machine. She took me to a changing room where I got a stylish robe and pants that I could fit my entire body into one leg. I had to change out of anything with metal in it so that meant the clothes they gave me and that's all. Strutting my stuff I waited for the lab tech to come back and she led me to the MRI room. I laid down on the "bed" of the MRI where she put a pillow under my knees and then placed some foam supports around my head to keep it steady. MRI's are really loud so they gave me earplugs. Then it was into the depths of the machine. I had to keep my eyes closed cause even blinking my eyes can make the images fuzzy.

I was in the machine for about 25 minutes. Every so often she would talk to me through the intercom informing me how long the next set of scans would take. She was right when she said it was loud. Through the earplugs it gave me a headache. The whirring and clicking of the machine was not fun at all. I was so ready to get out of there. After she finished all of those scans she took me out and put an IV in my arm. She injected me with something that is supposed to show up as contrast on the scans. I was feeling a bit woozy because I am deathly afraid of needles but I had no choice. She took out the IV and then put me back into the machine for another 10 minutes of scans. These ones seemed so much worse because I was hypersensitive to the situation now due to the IV. Really really hate those things. That was that and I was a free woman. I went back to the dressing room changed my clothes and went out into the lobby where Mark was waiting and Marian came back and picked us up.

I'll let everyone know what the results are when I get them but as of now I don't think its anything serious because they didn't freak out. I suppose that is a good thing right? Obviously, I have a brain because they saw something on the screen. :) Another plus! I'm so glad Mark was there even if he couldn't go in with me it was comforting knowing he was there waiting. It was a kinda scary experience and it left me completely exhausted afterward so we came home and Mark made dinner while we watched the BYU basketball game on TV. We were too tired to go to the game. BYU won and I am looking forward to the BYU game against SDSU game tomorrow. Go Cougars! Well that's the update... I will keep you posted.

Random Fact: If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India,  the U.S., and Indonesia.

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