Saturday, March 12, 2011

Singing the Blues

The last couple days have been a bit rough and right now I really just want some mindless entertainment. I should just go to sleep. I should have worked on my mountains of homework today but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. On the plus side I did very well on my Book of Mormon Midterm so that is something to be happy about. Also the weather is finally warming up. I am looking forward to enjoying it tomorrow. =D  The semester is winding down which means that stress levels are mounting higher and higher. Not really sure what to do there.

In other news I got the results back from my MRI. This is what it said.
"The ventricles and sulci are normal for age. Negative for mass or significant mass-effect. Negative for intracranial hemorrage. Single tiny hyperintense white matter focus in the right frontal region is nonspecific. The remaining gray and white matter are normal. There is no evidence of diffusion restriction. Normal signal flow- void identified within the internal carotid arteries, basilar artery, and superior sagittal sinus. The pituitary gland appears normal. The posterior fossa structures, including the cranial nerves appear intact. The paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear. The orbits are unremarkable. No abnormal enhancement.
Impression: Essentially normal MRI of brain."

So in english basically I have a brain and it is normal. The only abnormality was that hyperintense white matter in the frontal region of my brain. That's funny cause that is where my migraines typically originate from. They see it a lot in patients with a history of migraines, stroke, or seizure apparently. They have no idea what it is but they aren't rushing to cut me open and examine so I think I'm safe. He recommended that I start a regimine of 400mg of Magnesium twice a day along with 200mg of B2 twice a day. Yay more pills!!! :) Well at least I will know that I am getting plenty of magnesium and B2 in my diet now. haha...

If anyone missed the best game in the history of College basketball then they really did miss out. It was the highlight of this stressful mush filled week. Jimmer scored 52 points, 33 of those were in the first half alone. He was on fire. Unfortunately my man man Charles Abuou foulded out of the game but I still love him anyway. He may be from the Ivory Coast but he is all Dark Chocolate. hehe... The final championship game is tomorrow against SDSU. Should make for a great game. I'm excited. Hoping for a better day tomorrow and a good weekend of recouping.

Random Fact: Your brain is 80% water.

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