Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faulty alarms and close calls

So yesterday my alarm never went off and I woke up at 10:50 am to the sound of my roommate leaving for class. I freaked out because I had my 10 page research paper that was supposed to be due at 10am that morning. Throwing on some clothes I dashed out the door fighting back the emotion. I think I made it to the Maeser building all the way across campus in just under 10 minutes (a typical 15+ minute walk). I had to wait an hour for my teacher's class to get out and then hope and pray that she would still take my paper. As I was waiting and trying not to hyperventilate or break down and cry I was listening to various artists on my iPhone. I can't help it I am a music junky. Despite my best efforts of keeping myself distracted the time seemed to slip by so slowly. As I sat there on the cushioned benches in agony my mind began to wander. What if I couldn't turn it in? This was most of our grade. I know I had set two alarms. I must have turned them off in my sleep. I mean I had stayed up until nearly 6am working on my paper.

I was finally saved by the bell and jerked from my thoughts. As students flowed out of the classroom I realized that I was sitting outside the wrong class. Luckily a friend from the class Ashley saw me and told me the correct room. She had just turned in her paper due to printer trouble. I grabbed my things and gave myself a bit of a pep talk before walking into the room. Instantly my eyes glazed over. I spoke calmly with my professor and she reassured me that she would accept my paper with no penalty. When those words reached my ears I lept for joy. I thanked her profusely and headed back for home. I took that walk back to my apartment rather leisurely. I had gotten a text from Professor Marsh that I didn't have to come into work that day.

I have also been informed lately that I won't be able to continue to be his TA next fall. He lost funding and so I'll have to be job hunting again or hopefully if all goes well I can get into a Lab and work with a professor that way. This being the case I need to start branching out and looking. I'll have a car next year (after I get my license) so that will be a huge plus. So although I am sad that I won't still have the "dream job" on campus I'll be ok. Gotta keep my chin up and be thankful for all that I have been blessed with.

Random Fact: You have no sense of smell when you are sleeping.

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