Friday, March 25, 2011

Six Months of Happiness

Check out this Epic M&M I got in my pack of Peanut M&Ms that Mark bought me. Haha they must know where my heart is. I thought it was rather awesome and it had two peanuts in it not just one. Well this past Tuesday the 22 Mark and I celebrated 6 months of being together. We came home from class and made a delicious dinner. It was honey sesame chicken stir-fry and rice. :) So delicious! It was by far the best meal I have had in a long time and the best meal I have ever made. It is so much fun cooking together and then he even did all the dishes! <3 What a hunk!

It amazes me that we have been together this short amount of time because it feels like we have known each other for eternity. I hope we one day are together for eternity. So I got him an Ipod Touch for an early birthday/ 6 month present. I made a playlist and had fun making him guess why I had put each song on it. He showered me with love and every kind of junk food a girl could ever want. Not sure what he is planning there but he's not going to fatten me up no sir!

Mandee, Alisha, and I have also made the commitment to try and go to the gym 3 times a week or atleast run. It is finally warm enough where we won't freeze our tatas off if we go outside. The sun is shining and flowers are starting to bloom. It's spring even if it did snow a couple of days ago. Strange utah. It really is beautiful here and makes me appreciate the heat of home even more. Mark has even decided to start running. A miracle! :) He sure knows how to make me happy. I really am the luckiest girl in the world just to have him in my life. Love that boy!

Here is a picture of our culinary masterpiece... yummy!

Random Fact: As of 2006,  200 million blogs were left without updates.

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