Thursday, April 28, 2011

It has been far too Long..

So as the title says it has been far too long since I have posted anything. Sorry! With school finishing up it was so crazy! In honor of finishing my first year of College I decided to make a list of things I learned at BYU. Here it goes!
  1. You can sleep when you are dead.
  2. Classes will always give you more reading than they expect you to finish.
  3. Meet with your professors especially if you plan to go to graduate school. They are your future ticket into the school of your choice.
  4. To get an A it will take time. Be patient.
  5. Your first semester is really about figuring things out. Don't freak out at your grades even if you got all A's in high school.
  6. Never say Never. Anything can happen... it's college.
  7. Just because it is April doesn't mean that mother nature believes it is spring and it will continue to snow.
  8. Don't put away your winter clothes too early... in other words don't put them away at all!
  9. BYU is really nerdy and they celebrate Pi day like it is a national holiday.
  10. Freshman mentoring is marginally helpful at best and only useful in you first semester.
  11. Take honors courses! They are the best and have awesome teachers.
  12. You will probably cry, a lot, get used to it.
  13. Sometimes being spontaneous is the best thing. Like going to the park and making giant snowballs.
  14. Check the water pitcher before you drink out of it. Vinegar is also clear and not nearly as refreshing as a cold tall glass of water.
  15. When you check the pitcher do not ask Liz to drink it for you. She will drink it vinegar or no vinegar and leave you sputtering nasty "water".
  16. On April Fools be especially careful when using the toilet.
  17. Be brave! Sometimes asking a professor for a job may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  18. Ok professors can be really scary but they are willing to work with you when you need it. Well most of them anyway so it doesn't hurt to try.
  19. Religion classes may be your only A's
  20. Pull out all the mattresses and have a girls night watching Grey's Anatomy sometime. Way fun.
  21. When you say you aren't going to get a boyfriend, you may just meet the love of your life. <3
  22. Girls can be catty and mean. End of story.
  23. Don't judge a book by it's cover. This goes for people too. They may surprise you and end up being your best friend before long.
  24. If you get easily distracted it may be time to be tested. :P
  25. BYU basketball is a Beast! I <3 Jimmer but most of all Abuou is my main man.
  26. Don't jaywalk in front of the police station they will yell at you and may give you a ticket.
  27. Learn to love the library. It will be your new home soon enough.
  28. During finals week the Library is far too crowded with people who finally decide to be studious. Good luck finding a seat.
  29. You will get sick following finals no matter how vigilant your hygiene routine.
  30. If you are a girl, your shower/tub will turn into a Shub. No matter how many times maintenance comes it will continue to fill up and drain slowly.
  31. Whoever though 8:30 church was a brilliant idea was dead wrong.
  32. It is mandatory to hike the Y at least once during your freshman year.
  33. Stay outside as much as you can while it is still warm. This will be the only time that you can stay outside until all hours without freezing to death.
  34. Most BYU dances are kinda lame but Homecoming and Preference definitely are awesome.
  35. Yes BYU's football team may leave a lot to be asked of but we still love them.
  36. Late summer honors is an easy 1 credit course. Plus you get to see the campus before the rest of the freshies get there.
  37. The Marb is way confusing and I will never understand the layout of that building.
  38. Always check which floor you are on when you enter a building it ranges from 1st to 3rd floor. Rarely do you enter on the first floor.
  39. If your classroom is in the basement of any building good luck getting phone service.
  40. Taking notes on a laptop is the best! Typing is so much faster and you can keep up with the professor speaking.
  41. Math finals are uber hard. end of story
  42. Try your best and the Lord will do the rest
  43. Don't freak out about your major especially those freshman boys, you have plenty of time to make up your mind and you will most likely switch it 3 or more times.
  44. Cake is amazing!
  45. Cooking can be fun so try it
  46. Meal plans are heaven sent especially when you are short on time and don't want to live off cereal, which you do anyway.
  47. Music is the best way to stay awake while studying.
  48. Prepare to be awake until 5am on average writing papers the night before they are due even though you had 2 weeks to do the paper.
  49. Dirty Peppers are the fuel to stay awake while writing those papers.
  50. There is no caffeine campus so you must search elsewhere to get the "real" soft drinks
  51. Learn all the acronyms for the buildings.
  52. The campus is pretty big. If your first class is in the Maeser building you are hiking to the outer regions of campus.
  53. The testing center is the holiest place on campus due to all the prayers said there.
  54. The best feeling in the world is looking up on that tv to see your score and seeing "Great Job!" or "Perfect Score".
  55. There will be many disappointing test scores. Pray for a good curve
  56. American Heritage will put you to sleep every day without fail.
  57. Religion classes are actually really awesome and nothing like seminary.
  58. Don't go to the Cougareat between the hours of 11am and 1pm it is a zoo and lines are far too long.
  59. Quarters are gold and vital if you want to get your laundry done.
  60. No matter how many times you wash something or dry it, it will never be truly clean.
  61. It is really exciting to see all your guy friends getting their mission calls but also sad.
  62. Dorms are dirty, dingy, and dark. Welcome to your living condition for the next 4 years.
  63. Visiting Hours are enforced strictly, best to just stick to them.
  64. RAs may seem cool and nice at first but beware they can be mean under all that "niceness".
  65. When a girl says "Yeah we should hang out some time." She doesn't really want to.
  66. Divine comedy is amazing and you should go to every show.
  67. When a guy says "Yeah we should hang out some time" he wants to date you.
  68. The dollar movie nights in the Varsity theater are fun cheap dates.
  69. haha... 69... if you were in my dorm you'll understand this and all of our constant innuendos.
  70. I am so glad I went to BYU. I definitely made the right choice. Yes mormons can be some of the most judgmental people you will meet but they are truly good people too. I am a true Cougar and I bleed Blue. My testimony grew so much this year and for that I am eternally grateful.

Well there you have it 70 things I learned. Yes it's long but there is just so much to say. Hope you had fun reading and there will be more coming soon....

Random Fact: Hippopotamuses break wind through their mouths.

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  1. Fantastic post, Keirstyn (did I even spell that correctly?)! Sounds like you learned a lot of great lessons--freshman year is definitely challenging, but it does get better.

    I especially loved the comment about the Testing Center being the holiest building on campus--that's where my ward met my first year back from my mission! Hahahaha!