Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Day Well Spent at Work...

As you can probably guess from the image today was another super slow day at work. After lunch I literally did nothing... I listened to Elvis Duran Listen Here A morning show I used to listen every single day on my way to school and Seminary in the morning while living in Miami. I loved listening to these guys! Warning though it can be a bit on the crude side at times. Right now they are all talking about Carolina Bermudez's wedding. They definitely kept me entertained today. Yep you guessed it. I just found what I will be doing for the next 3 days that I still have to be stuck in this office.

My other new favorite past time is XKCD. If you haven't heard of this website then shame on you. It is a collection of comics that personally I find hilarious. So I was catching up reading them and these are some of my favorites from today:

Magic School Bus - Brings back childhood memories.
Ages- so funny!
Wikipedia- this is so true... when I don't know something it is straight to Google or Wikipedia.
Math- this made my brain hurt... =/
Women in Science- This will be me some day.
Null Hypothesis- gosh you know you are a nerd when this makes you laugh.
Probability- I thought this one was so cute.
Slime - There was totally something like this on Bones.
Friends- this is so sad :(
Work- this is how I feel at work every day.
Cooking- I totally have felt this way. Most college students do.
Geography Lesson  - This made me laugh so hard... Ahh America.
Ke$ha- Couldn't agree with this one more... her dental bills must be outrageous.

Well hope you enjoyed a look into my work life. Pretty exciting right? Stay tuned for more thought provoking and well rambling posts.

Random fact: The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute.

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