Monday, August 1, 2011

Jabba the Gut

First of all I must pay my respect where it is due and thank my brother Jared Edwards for inspiring the title of this post. Like any vacation you go into it excited to relax and eat yummy food. And just like any vacation you find yourself like a caterpillar engorged and ready to hull up in a cocoon for a few days just to get rid of the “fat sweats”. Yes, it is the infamous food coma. Somewhere between Gelato ice cream and delicious Satey it hit me. Now for those who have seen me eat before they know I can put away a lot of food for my size but in the summer months when I am not hustling from class to class my appetite tends to trail off a bit. But I can’t pass up that one more bite of delicious oven fired pizza or fried Balinese banana pancake. It would be a shame to let it go to waste right?

So now as I am sitting in the airport in Bangkok waiting for my next flight to Brisbane before heading on to Cairns Australia I’m regretting that extra bite of Oreo blizzard. One cannot live off of fast food alone! Well, or plane food… but that is hardly food. Still, I must say the last flight from Bali to Bangkok had decent food. I normally am not coherent when they come along asking whether you want chicken or some other concoction but this time I was determined to stay awake. The winner? Chicken curry and rice with some sort of vegetable that looked like Swiss chard. It was actually quite tasty. Even the cake dessert was good. It was moist and not dried out like the rolls. Jared ate most everyone’s salads cause they had tuna. That is the one downfall of planes, if there is anything remotely potent like tuna is it stinks up the plane for the rest of the flight.

About that flight…. It pretty much was a flying torture chamber. Yeah I guess you could say I’ve become kind of a frequent traveling snob. I know what I like and don’t like on flights and this one had well, good food I suppose, but that is it! There were no air nozzles that you could turn to relieve you from the stagnant disease ridden air. There were no televisions on the back of the seats to relieve your boredom. It did have a large projector in the middle but it was so poor quality that the people directly in front of it probably couldn’t have seen it if they tried. The seats were not the best but manageable and the blanket they gave you if you could call it that was rather ratty looking. When we first got on the plain I could have sworn they were trying to boil us. I’m not going to lie as they approached with the drinks the ice bucket looked rather refreshing. Needless to say it was a long 4 hour flight. I survived though and I hope and pray the next flight to Australia has comfy seats and some nice movies to watch. Above all I will be excited to slouch into the bed at the hotel when we arrive. Last but not least I’d like to give a birthday shout out for my sister Mina. Happy 17th birthday! For you we give you an Aisle or Window seat and plane food galore :P Sounds like a great birthday right? Well we will land in Australia before dinner so we’ll treat her right then. Our flight takes off at 11:59 so we’ll sing her happy birthday in the air. That’s all for now… next time I post I’ll be in a land down under.

Random Fact: Farmers in England are required by law to provide their pigs with toys.

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