Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Zealand? Or Chinatown?

Since being in Kiwiland I must say we have seen more Asians and tour groups than any Kiwis (people from New Zealand). It is really strange from me. We must be in “Chinatown” because we have an Asian supermarket down the street from us and a Chinese newspaper across the street. Now I’m not racist at all I just wasn’t expecting it coming to New Zealand. Apparently there is a very large Korean and Japanese population here. The other night when we were walking down the street and looking around near our hotel and some Asian girls were walking in front of us. It is mind boggling to me to hear a New Zealand accent coming from someone of Asian decent. Auckland is definitely a very diverse city. We saw people from all walks of life. It seems though that it is a young city. The majority of its inhabitants are roughly college age. It is a fairly clean city and has beautiful parks, very different from Bangkok. There is a lot of hills and two large harbors because Auckland is located on an isthmus with two mountain ranges within the city limits. This creates picturesque landscapes and a city skyline that is to die for. Every where I look in this city I feel like it is a movie set. It may not be Lord of the Rings with the rolling hills of the south island but Auckland is definitely a must see stop if you want to see a bit of the city life in New Zealand.

Random Fact: Between 25% to 33% of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

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