Monday, August 1, 2011

Wacky or Tacky Art

All throughout Bali you can find beautiful art in all mediums. Yet, also in Bali you can find wonderful masterpieces of the male anatomy. From bottle openers to ash trays and key chains too they had it all. There was natural wood grain or paintings of beaches. I even saw one that was Jamaican colors with weed leaves on it. Yes, I may not understand the significance of this anatomy lesson but that may be partly due to me being a girl. It didn’t matter what the shop was you were bound to run across some wooden phallic object in its midst of Balinese treasures.

They also seem to really appreciate the female physique because there were paintings everywhere of various women partially or completely in the nude. If you were really lucky you may even find a man and woman “wrestling” statue made of wood or stone. Yes, Bali is quite the interesting place. It really makes me wonder how much of this stuff they actually sell. There were bumper stickers galore sporting every foul word under the sun and some that featured so many they no longer were coherent sentences in English. It was almost laughable how crude some the of the t-shirts and paraphernalia was.

The statues all over Bali are no exception. Then again they are statues and hardly accurate descriptions of the Balinese women. Trust me on that one… I didn’t see a single “busty” woman there. Kinda makes me wonder if that’s why they create the statues and the art because of that very reason. While in the Monkey Forest we happened upon a monkey statue with a rather large bosom. I’m sorry I saw those monkeys and well, they were so flat they’d make the stone walls jealous. Another statue featured a monkey grasping what looked like an extra limb but I assure you it was not. This may be a rather sensitive subject but after being in Bali for a week I couldn’t help but not share it. Sigmund Freud would have had a hay day in Bali. It really was an eye opening experience for all.

Random Fact: On average, Americans spend about 6 months of their lives waiting at red traffic lights.

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