Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping for Commandments

Today at church was great. I just was able to get a lot out of all the testimonies and felt the spirit really strong in all of the lessons. Sunday school I went to my friend Adam's lesson and we talked about Companion Study. Kind of hard to relate to considering I have never been on a mission but the way that he just whipped up a lesson in about an hour amazed me. Return missionaries are the best! They have such a strong spiritual power about them that is indescribable. They make me feel a bit inferior though with their impressive knowledge of the scriptures. I have grown up with these stories all my life but if you asked me where they were located in those plethora of pages I'd probably give you a sheepish grin and admit I have no idea.

Relief Society has always been a bit daunting for me. The thought of going into a room full of women can give me heart palpitations. I am much more comfortable with my Bros. Today though I felt so welcomed. Everyone in this ward has taken me in under their wing with no reservation at all. Mind you half the ward is new but I feel lucky to have such great roommates and brothers/sisters in the Gospel. We talked about our feelings of the impending future. When she asked if anyone is scared I am pretty sure my hand was the first in the air. I am a planner by nature and I like to know what is coming up. If you looked on my computer you would find a calendar with every single hw assignment or test in all my classes calendared.

Something that really stuck with me was an analogy of Commandments and Shopping. I know these things really don't seem to go together but they do. Commandments should all be followed. You can't just pick one or two of them and decide. It is like when you go shopping. You can't go shopping for commandments and decide "Oh this one doesn't look cute on me, I don't think I will follow this one". The other thing that really struck me is someone said that Tithing is a commandment that you can be perfect in. It is so true. It is all in your power to make sure that you pay your tithing. Well that's all for today's update!

Random Fact:  The first bomb dropped on Germany in WWII killed the only elephant in the Berlin zoo.

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